Cboe FX's London Matching Engine

Welcome to Cboe FX's London Matching Engine launch site.

The matching engine resides in the Equinix LD4 data centre, west of London.

All materials related to the launch are posted on this page including technical documentation and notices.

Please note: Customers are required to certify to one of the Cboe FX Trading Protocols within the London Cert/UAT environment prior to trading on the new production London matching engine and may also be required to complete minimal additional account documentation prior to trading.



15 June 2015

Connectivity Manual published

1 July 2015

Connections accepted at LD4 data centre

3 August 2015

Cert/UAT available for customer testing (all pairs)

3 August 2015

Production available for customer testing (synthetic pairs)

22 August 2015

Test weekend (all pairs)

12 September 2015

Go-live weekend test (all pairs)

14 September 2015


9 November 2015

Cboe FX U.S. matching engine move to NY5

Technical Documents:
News & Notices:
Customer Calls:


Connectivity Inquiries

+1 212 378 8558
5pm Sundays until 5pm Fridays (New York) 

Sales Inquiries

London: +44 (0)20 7131 3450
New York: +1 212 209 1420