Cboe Full Amount

Cboe's Solution for Large Order Risk Transference with Low Impact

Cboe's Full Amount technology consolidates streaming price feeds from the market's premier liquidity providers into a single best price at each desired size level, resulting in an efficient tool to access and manage liquidity. Liquidity consumers transact against the best quote from a single LP that satisfies the full amount of the order to ensure minimal information leakage and reduced slippage.

As a Market Maker
Leverage Cboe's technology, credit, and clearing infrastructure to reduce cost, and to distribute pricing with the assurance of being the full size of the incoming order.

As a Price Taker
Utilize the same API as the Cboe FX ECN to discretely transfer risk with high fulfilment opportunity and low market impact.

Access & Reporting
Clients may access their Full Amount liquidity pool using FIX order entry or the Hotspot GUI. Real-time market data is available via ITCH. Both Market Makers and Price Takers benefit from targeted reporting to evaluate execution quality.

How Cboe's Full Amount Technology Works
  1. Clients build their Cboe Full Amount pool from a selection of preferred liquidity providers or may choose to interact with anonymous streams determined by Cboe's liquidity analytics.
  2. Clients select from 60+ currency pairs and custom size levels up to 100M that they want their liquidity pool to stream to them.
  3. Configured liquidity providers provide continuous non-firm quotes on which the client can transact.
  4. Price feeds are aggregated so the client can see best available prices and full depth of market via ITCH or GUI. Trades are only executed against a single quote that results in the Full Amount of the order being fulfilled.
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