Cboe FX Market Data Protocols

In addition to accessing the platform via the Cboe FX GUI, customers may choose from two different API market data formats (snapshots or event-based) to best suit their needs.

The snapshot feed, published via FIX Bookfeed API, can simplify integration with Cboe FX by mitigating the need for the client application to manage the internal state of the Cboe FX order book. The feed publishes a complete snapshot with full depth of book at specific time intervals; clients may opt for either 50ms or 10ms. It is possible to subscribe to a specific list of currency pairs upon connecting.

Cboe FX ITCH provides a streaming event-based format delivered in real-time. This stream consumes more bandwidth than FIX Bookfeed (9 Mbps), and requires that the client application manage the state of the Cboe FX book internally by applying new events as they are received. Clients benefit from lower latency and a more precise view of the market when subscribed to this feed.


Cboe FX Trading Protocols

Order entry sessions are available via FIX Proxy protocol. All order entry connections support SSL encryption for security.

Those customers with multiple trading IDs on Cboe FX must ensure to correctly configure market data feeds with the corresponding order entry accounts in order to access the appropriate liquidity.

In addition Cboe FX has integrated with many OMS vendors.


Post-Trade STP

Cboe FX provides a free Post-Trade Drop Copy Feed for STP integration with back offices. Cboe FX is also fully integrated with a number of STP vendors.


Co-location Service

Customers may connect directly to Cboe FX's matching engines at Equinix NY5 and LD4. Please refer to our Connectivity & Session Price List for more information.