Trading Interface

Cboe FX's trading interface revolutionized the FX markets when it was introduced and constant refinement makes it unparalleled in conveying market data and "color" as well as supporting the platform's live dealing capabilities.

The Cboe FX ECN interface displays full depth-of-book with live prices and associated quantities as well as the number of participant banks and clients who comprise the bid and offer quantity at each price level. This live display provides benefits to traders over the prevalent best bid/offer display found on most FX platforms.

TradeView FX℠ enables clients to view the market by their preferred dealing quantities and trade using an algorithm that ensures execution at the displayed weighted average price or better.

At the point of trade, Cboe FX supports instantaneous trade execution using single or double click modes for quick trading and a multi-stage modes for traders who want to confirm trade details before executing.

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